Every step in the life of a car accident case is critical.  From the accident scene, police communication and hospital visits and dealing with insurance companies.  There as just so many moving parts!  Don’t miss a critical step! Rely on our experienced legal help.  You will be in good hands.


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That is all it takes for you to lose you case against an insurance company.  If you have been hurt in an accident, North Carolina law prevents recovery if you are found to have contributed to the accident.  Insurance companies use this to unfairly find any small reason to prevent your just compensation.  So many have fallen into this trap and are stuck with high medical bills, untreated injuries and permanent disability.   Put your mind at ease and put legal experience on your side! Call us at 910-257-2568


CALL US NOW AT 910-257-2568

CALL US NOW AT 910-257-2568

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Q:           I was in an accident and my hospital is not treating me well threatening collections.  Can a lawyer help me?               

A:           Yes. In our experience, hospitals like it when a lawyer is handling the case.  With a client’s consent, we work with them to provide you treatment, handle your bills through insurance and avoid collections.  Your only focus becomes recovering from your injuries with less stress.

Q:           Should I accept a quick offer settle quickly with an insurance company?

A:           The are many dangers of settling quickly.  The final amount may not be enough to cover all your treatment costs and your medical issues may go on long after you have settled.  A lawyer handling your case can provide a good opinion when to settle and for how much. 

Q:           Why is the insurance offering less settlement money than I need to cover my bills, pain and suffering?

A:           Insurance companies work to pay the least amount of money possible in any situation.  And lawyers fight for your interests in every aspect. Lawyers can help you understand how your offer is generated, by explaining the law, your case facts, evidence and how the court system works.

Q:         My own insurance is giving me a hard time.  I paid all my premiums.  Are they allowed to do this?

A:        Even your own insurance carrier is not your friend or your good neighbor. Their only goal is to pay you nothing or as little as possible. They will sometimes make up any excuse they can think of to pay you less. 

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