When your house is under threat of foreclosure, prompt action must be taken.  Dealing with the legal system and powerful banks can be very stressful and intimidating.  So getting your own legal help can be very useful in dealing with the bank.  Whether you know it or not, many options may be available. Therefore it becomes crucial to choose the correct path.   Let us help you explore your best options and put them into action.  With our representation, you can rest a bit easier knowing you have the most effective assistance working on your behalf to protect your home.


Numerous problems arise between landlords and tenants.  Landlords can be very powerful assessing you unexpected fees and conditions.  Then can also wrongfully threaten eviction.  You may have more rights than you think.  Even the playing field by using our legal services to fight for your rights as a tenant. 


Let us assist you at every stage of the life cycle of your business.  We can advise you on the business structure best suited for you.  We can use the power of contracts to help you do business smoothly and avoid nasty and costly surprises.    


From your traffic cases, misdemeanors to felonies, let us help protect your legal rights at each step of the way.  You don't have to face everything alone.  We can assist you in such trying times.  

Mufuka Law Firm, PLLC.


Protect yourself and your family from the uncertainties of life.  Let us help you make adequate plans that ensure your aspirations are legally protected.  Learn about the wills and trusts that may be most appropriate for you and your family.  

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Let us help you identify your best path toward successful U.S. immigration.  We can help safeguard your immigration status which is important on your path to naturalization.  We handle family and employment based visas as well as asylum and emergency protection statuses.  Immigration mistakes can be costly and with our help we can keep you on top of your immigration concerns.  


Divorce and custody can be stressful times.  With enough on your plate it may be best to entrust us with your legal concerns.  Do not become overwhelmed by ensuring you have your best foot forward when you need it the most.