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U.S. Immigration law is a maze of opportunities and limitations.  If your goal is naturalization, then your outcome is very dependent on making the right informed choices at each step of the way.  One wrong step can negatively affect your chances at successful immigration.  Being proactive is extremely important.  We can help you get on top of your case by understanding your immigration opportunities and then showing you how to shape your life toward successful immigration.


Question:          Will marriage to a citizen and filing for adjustment of status get me my green card?

Answer:            Getting a green card due to marriage is not automatic.  There are several reasons you can be denied your adjustment.                                     Errors can be made on your initial application leading to a denial.  Even when the application is correctly done, some                                       facts regarding your life can lead to your denial if not handled correctly.  It is always best to consult us the personal                                           details and how they can affect your green card application.

Question:         I have made some mistakes in my life, but can I still get my green card?

Answer:                Maybe yes!  You don't have to be a saint to get your green card.  Plenty of people have made mistakes and still                                                successfully adjusted their status.  A lot depends on what they have done and if any repairs were made.  While all hope                                  is not lost, you must always proceed with extreme caution.  Especially when you're unsure where you stand, it is very                                     important to come discuss your case to see the best way your case should be handled.

Question:         I applied for immigration benefits and I was denied.  Is this the end?

Answer:              Denial does not always mean the end.  A lot depends on what the benefit was and why the benefit was denied.  Many                                      times there is a way to appeal a denial which could lead to an approval.  Consult us with those case facts and we can                                     explore a way forward.  

Question:         I am not yet a citizen and I was wondering if and how I can bring family members to join me or even visit.

Answer:           There are a number of ways the law can allow you to bring over certain family members.  There are also numerous                                          restrictions in doing so.  During consultation, we can identify the best ways to reunite you with your family. 

Question:        The government seems to take a very long time to process immigration cases.  But I really need something quick.  Is there                              help for me?   

Answer:          Not all visas take a very long time to process.  Some visas take a much shorter time to process than others.  Some also                                  allow you to fast track your processing .  We are able to review your case to see if it can qualify for faster processing.

Question:        Immigration seems very expensive.  I don't think I can afford it all right now.

​Answer:          Don't let finances ruin your immigration chances.  Time is always of the essence.  We recognize that finances affect                                        your ability to move your case forward.  So if your case is ready to move forward and payment is your concern, we can                                    discuss a workable payment plan.